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Almond Milk Concentrate

Almond Milk Concentrate

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This lightweight body cream instantly smooths and visibly firms skin. Enriched with moisturizing almond milk and softening almond oil, the velvety texture spreads on for incredible 48-hour hydration.* Delight in the delicious aroma of fresh almonds and warm vanilla as it hugs skin in the sweetest embrace.

Key Benefits:

  • Delivers long-lasting, 48-hour hydration.*
  • Targets dryness by infusing skin with moisture-loving ingredients.
  • Visibly firms skin.
  • Reveals softer, more supple skin with sweet almond oil.
  • Smooths skin texture. 

How to use:

Warm a small amount of cream in your hands (that's all you need!). Massage onto cleansed skin using slow, circular motions.

Key Ingredients:

Sweet Almond Oil: Helps soften and smooth skin. Obtained through a cold pressure process to help retain most of the almond’s nutrients. Used since ancient times on dry skin, sweet almond oil is naturally rich in:

  • Omega 9 – Fatty acids that occur naturally in the skin. Nourishing and softening properties
  • Squalene –A key component of skin’s protective barrier. Locks in moisture for more supple skin.
  • Vitamin E - Known for its antioxidant properties.

Protein: Creates a hydrating veil on the skin's surface. Softens skin.

Almond Seed Extract: Tightening effect on skin. Smoothing properties.

Silicium Derivative: Softening, hydrating and smoothing properties.


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