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Bless Beauty Balm

Bless Beauty Balm

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The bestselling daily moisture-melt deeply nourishes the skin, delivering unparalleled comfort, dewy softness and youthful elasticity. With its rich organic butters and cold-pressed beauty oils, Bless firms, plumps and smooths the skin while enveloping the senses in calming aromatherapeutic essences of orange blossom and blue tansy.

Soften, moisturize and comfort.

- Delicate, luxurious all-day moisture
- Smooths, nourishes and softens the skin
- Plumps and firms, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Supports balance in dry, sensitive and mature skin types

Argan Oil

Known as liquid gold, this beloved beauty oil provides long-lasting moisture and nourishes the skin with its natural abundance of vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids.

Cocoa + Shea Butter

Deeply moisturizing and protecting, these antioxidant rich butters aid natural collagen production and help protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Blue Tansy

Powerfully healing with regenerative properties, Blue Tansy alleviates redness and inflammation while smoothing broken capillaries and improving skin’s strength and elasticity.

Maracuja Passionflower Oil

Rich in vitamin A, potassium, ascorbic acids and minerals, this lightweight oil has natural balancing properties that reduce sebum secretion and combat breakouts.


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