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Enchanted Shampoo for Kids with Nettle and Yucca Root

Enchanted Shampoo for Kids with Nettle and Yucca Root

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Glow in Klee Kids' enchanted gardens, where powerful botanicals rule and nasty chemicals are banished forever.

Organic soapberries fight grime naturally, yucca root and oats soothe the scalp, and the ancient remedy of nettle strengthens hair with essential minerals. This shampoo is scented with lavender, orange peel and lemongrass essential oils.

NO FOAM? No problem! Klee Kids Enchanted Shampoo does not contain sulfate-based cleansers and therefore does not foam like conventional shampoo.

Coconut-based coco glucocide and organic soapberry extract clean hair and scalp naturally and is perfect for children.

NO sulfates, NO propylene glycol, NO parabens, NO synthetic dyes or fragrances, NO PEG.

Gluten free

Made in USA


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