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N. Poeticus & French Algea Brightening Essence

N. Poeticus & French Algea Brightening Essence

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This full-bodied brightening treatment, featuring illuminating narcissus poeticus and french algae, gently hydrates and exfoliates to reveal more even and radiant skin.

Key Ingredients:

N. POETICUS: Helps to diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation and boost radiance

FRENCH ALGAE: This iridescent varietal of seaweed, sustainably sourced from France, helps protect against the formation of dark spots

HIBISCUS: Rich in natural AHA to gently exfoliate and help reveal a healthy glow

How to use:

Unscrew cap and push the dropper button to allow dropper to fill up. Push again to dispense 3-5 drops to palms of hands, rub together and gently press into cleansed skin. Follow with appropriate moisturizer.


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