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No Shampoo Hair Brush

No Shampoo Hair Brush

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Transform your oily hair fast and naturally… trusted by previously greasy haired people across America. How does this brush fix oily hair? Oily hair starts with too much oil at the roots, leading to buildup that's tough to clean with shampoo alone. Shampooing it more makes the scalp produce even more oil. Now you have a ton of buildup, AND your scalp is overproducing oil. Yikes!

This brush combines nylon and boar bristles to exfoliate root debris and spread oils evenly through your hair at the same time. This helps to reduce oiliness over time for fresher, cleaner hair. It's also designed to absorb degree like dandruff, dirt and flakes. Feel beautiful in your hair again.

The revolutionary No Shampoo Hairbrush provides a unique brushing experience which has been shown to control and remove oil and grease, get rid of itchiness, frizz, and scalp buildup!


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