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Productivity Advanced Daily Gummies

Productivity Advanced Daily Gummies

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An all-natural, daily gummy to sharpen focus and promote flow state. Promotes 5+ hours of productivity through clinically-backed ingredient - Suntheanine®. Wild berry flavor. 

16 gummies

5+ Hours of Productivity
Powerful Nootropics

Nourish the brain without cashing in on its energy reserves

Stimulates Energy

Without the caffeine crash

Climate Positive

Removing more CO2 than the product emits

Tastes Delicious

Real fruits, vegan, low sugar, gluten free

Key Ingredient: Suntheanine®

A concentrated form of L-theanine, clinically proven to stimulate activity in the brain known as alpha waves, for a relaxed but alert mental state.

20 x More Benefits than Green Tea
5+ Hours of Productivity
Enhances Alpha Brain Waves
Boosts GABA and Calming Brain Chemicals


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