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Augustinus Bader

The Revitalizing Haircare System

The Revitalizing Haircare System

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Inspired by over 30 years of groundbreaking research and innovation, this three-piece set is designed with TFC8® to support the body’s natural renewal processes for optimal hair, scalp health and natural growth. Made in France.

  • The Shampoo, 6.7 oz
  • The Conditioner, 5 oz
  • The Scalp Treatment, 1 oz

The Shampoo: This lightweight formula thoroughly cleanses the hair and scalp, while hydrating and strengthening strands from the roots, reducing shedding and breakage, thus supporting natural hair growth. The Conditioner: Ultra-lightweight and intensely hydrating, this innovative formula replenishes the hair and scalp - supporting improved softness, moisture retention, elasticity, and volume while strengthening and renewing strands to combat shedding, breakage, and signs of damage. The Scalp Treatment: This breakthrough serum creates an optimal environment for hair to naturally grow and thrive by renewing and balancing the scalp, clearing blocked follicles, and strengthening and revitalizing strands at the root

How to use:

The Shampoo: Apply to wet hair and massage gently into the hair and scalp. Rinse and repeat as required. The Conditioner: Apply to clean, damp hair after using The Shampoo and work through the length of hair starting from the scalp. Rinse thoroughly after 1-2 minutes for best results. The Scalp Treatment: Apply a few drops to a clean, damp scalp in sections from the hairline to the crown of the head, focusing on problem areas. Use the push button and specific glass nozzle for a precise application. Gently massage the scalp with fingertips or a comb. Do not rinse. Leave to dry naturally or blow dry and style as usual. Use 2 to 3 times per week as needed.

About Augustinus Bader:

World-renowned scientist Augustinus Bader developed TFC8, a unique skincare technology, that works synergistically with the body's innate cell repair process to deliver amino acids and vitamins. The key complex appears in all his products, from the Body Oil to the cult-favorite Rich Cream, which claims to rejuvenate the complexion when used entirely alone in just 27 days.


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